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The book – ÌRÌN ÀJÒ S’ÍNÚ AYÉDIMÉJÌ is out

Launching! Launching!! Launching!!!

The book is out at last! Science fiction written in Yorùbá language from A to Z. The title of the book is: ÌRÌN ÀJÒ S’ÍNÚ AYÉDIMÉJÌ.

A group of scientists left on a mission to an Earth-like natural satellite of a giant planet discovered some light years away from the Earth.

They were amazed the conditions of the new planet were close to mother Earth’s and can support life. However, they did not expect and were not prepared for what they subsequently encountered.

This turn of events will hurry them off the planet into the abyss of space  where they will travel back in time unknowingly. By the time they reached Earth, civilization was yet to occur and they suddenly realized they are now saddled with the responsibility of kick-starting human civilization.

Meanwhile, a page had been torn off the book where this story is written. A page so vital to the whole story and also to the life of the person who stole it. Watch as a young boy and his uncle try to unravel the mystery of the stolen page: an investigation that will question your perspective about Yoruba artefacts and take the two investigators down a primordial Cave of Fossils.

Novel in Yorùbá literary world, this page-turner will hold you spell-bound to the last page as you can’t wait for the mystery to be unravelled.

This is a masterpiece! An ingenious blend of scientific facts with Yorùbá myths and worldview. It is available at

Buy one, buy all!

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