The Irony Of A Nation


One of the best minds in Nigeria, Ibikunle Fayemi put together this well researched masterpiece – detailing the reasons why Nigeria in this current quagmire/imbroglio and how the country can get out of it.


“Most of our problems are foundational. And, for some strange reason, we do not want to go back to, and resolve those foundational thoughts that created the foundational problems. Our thinking, our understanding of how reality truly works, is highly flawed. How can someone using a flawed map arrive at the desired destination?

There appear to be no big solution to this country’s problems. But there are little solutions that, when combined together, will ultimately create the big solution. Let us tackle corruption, incompetence, indiscipline in our private lives, while a committed leadership tackles them at the national level.

Rome, it is said, was not built in one day. We must commit to the input-process-output model if we are truly sincere about growth and progress. I do not think fasting and praying are as effective as upright living. I have said that before and I am saying it again.

Religious rituals, with corruption, without righteousness, are mere exercise in futility. I subscribe to the Yoruba saying that ‘aya nini ati inu mimo ju ogun lo.’ meaning ‘courage and clean heart/mind is superior to juju.'”



A country blessed with abundant resources but living in squalor!

It is tragic that Nigeria is backward as a country. No steady electricity for the majority is a sign of backwardness. But it is more tragic that we don’t realise that the thoughts, the beliefs, that produced that backwardness reside inside our heads. And we continue to tenaciously hang on to them. We continue to cherish them. And the majority continues to live unfulfilling live, while the minority continues to splurge with wealth obtained by unmerited favour. It is well. Isn’t it?


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